Pooky’s wish


These poor babies truly did have a rough life.  Unfamiliar with the animal rescue transport system, it took three months before we were able to find a way to bring them to us.  In that time, the two were diagnosed with severe depression and mange.  When they arrived, they looked horrible.  The emaciation and alopecia were only a minor concern compared to their fear of virtually everything.  We tried our best to teach them how to tolerate separaration form one another for short time periods.  Dallas would cooperate but with intense hesitation and fear, while Sweet Tart would not cooperate at all without her other half.  They were truly a bonded pair.  Very fortunately, these two litter mates were adopted together, and only a couple of weeks after arriving to Pooky’s Wish.  I would say the stars aligned very nicely, for these true Sisters.  Dallas and Sweet Tart live very happily with a couple out in Oregon City.  They are still skeptical of most humans, but are loved and cherished very deeply by their own humans, nonetheless.  Really, that is all that matters.



Sweet Tart & Dallas